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With the S&P 500® hitting yet another all-time high on April 2 and the Dow just short of its own record, it may be hard to imagine that the current bull market is slowing down; however, in recent weeks experts have begun to suggest that the market’s impressive five-year run may be nearly over. As a result, many financial advisors are trying to prevent their clients from increasing stock market exposure, a particularly challenging goal considering recent consumer interest in the stock market. As tempting as the…


I have been thinking about risk lately. Specifically, does the average investor’s desire for a specific risk level match the reality of his or her investment? Over the years I have come to believe that most people describe their portfolios as conservative. I rarely speak with investors who believe they are taking much risk in their portfolios. And yet, truth be told, they generally expect a return that can only be achieved by taking on more risk than they can…


The Flooded Market Myth “As if we need another large cap value fund,” sighed an advisor friend of mine recently.  I understand the sentiment. There are already more than a hundred large cap value funds out there, and he is no doubt bombarded with new products all the time. But I don’t share his logic: what matters is not the number of managers currently in the market, but whether this new manager is better than the others. As someone who…


Despite being long derided as a hippie-dippy investing practice doomed to underperform, socially responsible investing (SRI) has proven itself to be a robust category, not only reflecting nearly every political stripe but also matching and even outperforming “normal” investing practices. SRI can be loosely characterized as investing in financial instruments that place social issues at the heart of the decision-making process. With more and more investors voicing ecological, political, religious, and moral concerns, SRI has become an outlet for investors who want to make a positive…


A Crash Course on Foreign Investing As the events of January proved for many investors, playing foreign markets can be a dangerous game. One by one, regional crises in China, Turkey, and Argentina combined to snowball emerging markets into a global crisis that took many investors by surprise. But even the most cautious investor cannot fully avoid some risk in his or her portfolio. Making any sort of return on an investment requires risk when you get down to it. So, how should…

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 28, 2014 – BPV Capital Management’s General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer Leslie Beale was featured prominently in a Plansponsor.com article this month. Plansponsor consulted Beale on qualified default investment alternatives (QDIAs), seeking practical advice for retirement plan fiduciaries who are responsible for improving automatic enrollment options in their organizations. The article briefly addresses the origins and logic of the QDIA in the Department of Labor’s 2006 regulations and goes on to describe the risk/return profile sponsors should…


According to a recent survey of more than a thousand individuals, the number of Americans putting their money into savings is dropping. The survey, conducted by the Consumer Federation of America and the American Savings Education Council, found that only 68% of Americans are saving a portion of each paycheck for the future. As the situation poses a serious problem for these individuals and the nation as a whole, it should give some pause to those of us in the financial services industry. Is there…


As Portfolio Manager of the BPV Core Diversification Fund, investors often come to me with concerns about alternative investments and their role in a portfolio. I understand investors’ trepidation – alternatives can seem a little threatening. What exactly does the term “alternatives” mean? And what’s wrong with the way most of us have been investing for the last 40 years? Simply put, alternatives are investments that don’t fit into traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash. They may be…


January’s unemployment numbers are in and economists have concluded… Well, it depends on whom you ask. The numbers have been out for a few weeks now, in fact, and clear insight into the country’s employment situation is still not forthcoming. The numbers may be definitive – the economy grew 113,000 jobs and unemployment dropped to 6.6% – but the truth behind the figures remains elusive.  The complexity of economic data is nothing new, but for a report that has been produced consistently…


Unconventionality isn’t really my thing. Most of the time, my long-term diversification philosophy directs me towards a predictable course that isn’t particularly controversial. However, there are times when market conditions seem to run contrary to my philosophy. At the end of last year, Wall Street was tense with worry over the fate of bonds. Investors were tightening their belts in preparation for another year of losses while market pundits were forecasting doom (as market pundits sometimes do). Amidst the uncertainty, I felt that the best course…

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