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A discussion of BPV’s acquisition of Cain Brothers Asset Management (CBAM) with BPV CEO and Senior Partner Mike West and CBAM CEO Tim Sheehan.

BPV Capital Management, or Back Porch Vista, has expanded its business development team with the addition of three external wholesalers and one internal wholesaler.


In my opinion, investors could take a few lessons from their playbook with what has occurred in the markets and what we believe may continue to take place.

BPV Capital Management (BPV) has acquired Cain Brothers Asset Management (CBAM), an institutional investment manager based in Orlando, Florida.


Maybe it’s the breakout success of NPR’s podcast, Serial. Maybe it’s all of the distraction in internet content today. I’m honestly not sure of the precise reason, but the fact is that podcasts are alive and well.

4 types of behaviors

Here are a few types of behavior that people sometimes exhibit during stressful market conditions. Each case is different, of course, so use your best judgment to figure out the right approach for your clients.


Some of you who are reading this may love networking. The thrill of human interaction. That exciting moment when you discover something cool you have in common with an acquaintance.


Back Porch Vista is proud to announce a new podcast series for advisors and financial professionals called IN SPITE OF THE NOISE: Insight, Commentary, and Value-Add for Financial Professionals.

Picture of Andrew Melnick, CFA

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 16, 2015 — BPV is excited to feature a new contributor to our website, Andrew Melnick, CFA. With over four decades experience at top Wall Street firms such as Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs, Melnick is a seasoned investor who we believe will provide meaningful insight for advisors and investors. In his new blog section, “Andy’s Outlook,” Melnick will provide commentary on breaking economic news – everything from Federal Reserve developments to overseas commodities activity. To read Melnick’s…


BPV’s Research department recently brought you a high-level view on a relatively recent investment metric: active share. During that piece, we also discussed the measurement of tracking error. To review, active share is the percentage of the fund’s portfolio that differs from its benchmark. Tracking error is a measure of how closely the return of a portfolio follows the return of an index to which it is benchmarked. While they ultimately measure different things, these two measures can work together…

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