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A brief overview of the people and principles behind Back Porch Vista, a mutual fund company based in Knoxville, TN.


BPV Capital Management highlights the three year anniversary of two of its funds with a relevant message from an unexpected source.


There was a time in the not too distant past when we consumers relied on information brokers to inform a buying decision. From buying a new car, to a new home, to a television, we consulted trained professionals who maintained the specs and information that were largely hidden behind a gate. Now AutoTrader, Zillow, and Amazon have forever changed the buying process. Clients control the buying decisions and “sales” people are facilitators of the transaction. I was recently in a national…


What is a corporate inversion? How many times have you heard this term in the past month?  It’s the phrase of the year in the mergers & acquisitions world. It’s talked about everywhere, from the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, to the local newspaper and barbershop. If you’ve been within earshot of anyone in the business world in the past six months, chances are you’ve heard about inversions. You’ve heard why they are good and why they are bad.  You’ve…


In early September, Mario Draghi and the European Central Bank surprised markets by announcing not only a deeper cut to interest rates (bringing bank deposit rates down to a shocking -0.2%) but also future plans to expand the ECB’s balance sheet including an asset-backed purchase program. While the news came as somewhat of a shock, the call for new stimulus programs is understandable considering the challenges facing the European Union. But so was the ECB’s unwillingness up until now to…

Back porch visits banner_2014-2015

Back Porch Visits is a series of face-to-face discussions with investment industry professionals who are working to change the financial landscape for the average investor. Here, BPV’s Mike West visits Philadelphia to discuss company culture, investment ethics, and personal retirement plans with AJO’s Ted Aronson.

Coach Fulmer_Lethal Focus_cropped

Part Two: Exploring an Athlete’s Psychology and Personal Relationships In the second installment of our interview with Coach Phillip Fulmer and BPV CEO Mike West, the two discuss the psychology of the professional athlete and discuss how interpersonal problems can have a strong effect on money management. BPV: Would you mind digging a little bit deeper into the mindset of professional athletes, from the perspective of an advisor looking to work with them? MW: Here’s one way to think about…

Mike and Coach coaching

NCAA Hall of Fame Football Coach Phillip Fulmer and Back Porch Vista CEO Mike West Discuss Money Management with Professional Athletes Part One: Understanding an Athlete’s Financial Position Where the worlds of finance and sportsdom collide, a number of savvy advisors have carved a comfortable niche managing professional athletes’ wealth. For some, this advisor-client relationship may represent an ideal professional situation – after all, what advisor doesn’t want a small book of high-profile, high net worth clients? But the world of…

Main street sepia

Last week I had breakfast with a friend of mine at a small diner in Crested Butte, Colorado. David has successfully run a small retail shop on Elk Avenue, the main street in town, for twenty-five years. He has survived downturns and thrived during good times. In short, he has seen it all. Given his life experience, it would be difficult to imagine someone could offer advice that would change his understanding of his business. David is like so many…


The term “Social CRM” has been picking up steam in marketing communities for several years. Recently, the term has entered financial services, but what exactly does it mean? For years we have collected information about our clients in files, on Outlook, or even in ACT! Properly leveraged, this knowledge can be powerful to relationship building. Social CRMs collect all of your client information in a single, dynamic location. A great example of this is the app REFRESH. Wouldn’t it be…

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