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Things have been eerily quiet lately. All major asset classes have crept steadily higher while volatility across asset classes has dropped to rock-bottom levels. And while the market continues to climb the wall of worry, perhaps investors are becoming a bit too comfortable. The waters may be still at the moment, but those who are unprepared for sudden change may be at risk. If anything, I believe the present situation highlights the need for a diversified investing approach that accounts…


June began exuberantly as equity markets hit new all-time highs, but the economy’s stride was quickly slowed by a series of mixed economic reports and escalating violence in Iraq. Despite these headwinds, the economy showed overall improvement during the month. In addition, a positive meeting of the Federal Reserve on the 18th set the pace for further gains in equity markets. Equity Equity markets started the month by continuing May’s upward trend, buoyed by May’s positive jobs numbers to reach…

For a long time, women controlled extremely little wealth in the United States – they were rarely the main breadwinner in the family, and those who did work experienced a substantial pay gap. However, this is changing. According to FA magazine, women currently control 51 percent of all wealth in the United States. By 2020, that number is projected to grow to 66 percent. So for many financial advisors, women represent a relatively new demographic. As such, how advisors should interact…

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2014 – BPV Capital Management (BPV) announced today that it has named Francis (Frank) M. Gregory III to the newly created position of Chief Distribution Officer. In this role, Mr. Gregory will be responsible for overseeing sales and strategic business relationships across all distribution channels. Mr. Gregory reports to Mike West, Senior Partner and CEO. “We are excited that Frank is joining our rapidly growing BPV team,” said Mr. West. “Frank’s experience, contacts, and insights will help BPV expand…

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 9, 2014 – BPV Capital Management (BPV) today announced that it has named Craig Davis to the newly created position of Chief Financial Officer. In this position, Mr. Davis will be responsible for the development and management of business strategy as well as producing financial results. Mr. Davis reports to Mike West, Senior Partner and CEO. Prior to BPV, Mr. Davis held a number of senior positions at Proctor & Gamble, including Manager of Global Commodity Risk Management, and brings knowledge of financial…


Over the past several decades, tremendous focus has been placed on the costs and hurdles associated with active management. Financial researchers argue that when fees are taken into account, it is extremely difficult for fund managers to consistently outperform their benchmark. As a result, the market for passively managed funds such as ETFs has grown substantially. At BPV, we appreciate the difficulty in outperforming a benchmark. There are very few managers that have the intellect and discipline to provide the…


Many investors today are making, in my opinion, a regrettable mistake by attempting to hedge their equity exposure with bonds that are too risky. While multi-asset portfolio strategies have long used investment grade bonds as a hedge against equity risk, the current interest rate environment has caused many investors to reach for greater return in risky investment grade and high-yield bonds. The fact is that not all bonds offer the same downside protection. Though well-intentioned, many investors may be taking…


During May, the nation continued to recover from a harsh winter of stunted economic growth. The S&P 500® teetered just short of 1,900 points, fell, and then rose again to hit a new record, hanging on to an already lengthy bull run. Meanwhile, the fixed income market improved due to geopolitical risk and dovish minutes from the Fed. Consumer progress was somewhat stagnant during May, however, owing to lackluster retail sales and a jobs situation that took a turn for the worse towards…


Why should advisors care about Generation Y, the Millennials? Although frequently maligned as narcissistic, lazy, and entitled, Gen Y investors account for 10% of affluent investors, according to Cogent Research, and that number can only be expected to grow in coming years. So what differentiates Gen Y investors from their parents or older generations? There are both obvious and subtle answers to this question. These four articles provide a great overview of Gen Y investing habits and offer tips on…


Last week, BPV Capital Management celebrated its five year anniversary with the requisite company gathering, to toast the five years we have spent together building the business. Five years is a nice accomplishment, but we haven’t begun to make our mark. I was asked to make some comments to the thirty two employees of the firm that day. Now I am not typically short on words; give me a crowd and a topic and I rarely fail to offer some…

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