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Economists projected that September would show a gain of about 200,000 payroll jobs. Instead, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (B.L.S.) released an employment report showing a (pick your word) dismal, grim, or terrible – all used in various headlines –…

What proved surprising was not the decision, but the comments from the Fed Chair following immediately afterwards. Leading up to the meeting, the opinion moved from expectations of a move on that date to one in December.

The recent bout of volatility in global equities has changed the tone of market discussions over the past few weeks. Why is it that U.S. stocks—which seemed to go up so reliably during the past few years now show weakness…

ORLANDO, Flor., September 21, 2015 – BPV Portfolio Manager Tom Fant was interviewed by Barron’s today in the article, “Treasury Yields Rise Along With Uncertainty.”

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