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“When faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution,” psychologist and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman wrote.

Chief Investment Officer Steve Turi and Chief Investment Strategist Andy Melnick, CFA, team up to bring you their take on Greece.

Where Do We Go From Here Large

The past six years of aggressive monetary policy suppressed equity risk levels and supported relatively high returns, likely encouraging investor complacency.

Mid-Year Outlook

For the remainder of 2015, U.S. economic growth will likely rebound from the first quarter’s disappointing results. The economic outlook in 2015 will most likely depend on whether and when consumers open their wallets.

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Active share is a fairly recent concept that provides a new measurement for the level of active management within a fund. However, its recency means the
concept is often poorly understood.

Mike and Tim No Play Button

A discussion of BPV’s acquisition of Cain Brothers Asset Management (CBAM) with BPV CEO and Senior Partner Mike West and CBAM CEO Tim Sheehan.

BPV Capital Management, or Back Porch Vista, has expanded its business development team with the addition of three external wholesalers and one internal wholesaler.


In my opinion, investors could take a few lessons from their playbook with what has occurred in the markets and what we believe may continue to take place.

BPV Capital Management (BPV) has acquired Cain Brothers Asset Management (CBAM), an institutional investment manager based in Orlando, Florida.


Maybe it’s the breakout success of NPR’s podcast, Serial. Maybe it’s all of the distraction in internet content today. I’m honestly not sure of the precise reason, but the fact is that podcasts are alive and well.

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